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Welcome to Michael's Gallery

All my artwork is hand painted and printed from original sketches.
They are hand signed by me, Michael's Dad and include the original story behind the picture.
All my profits are given to charity for the NHS nurses that cared for him. 

Each Illustration print can be purchased either unframed or framed.
Just click on the Illustration that you would like to purchase with your option.
Free Delivery with every order.

Unframed prints are fully mounted ready to be displayed as they are or to be placed in your frame. 
mount size: 10" x 8" print: 8" x 6"


Framed prints are fully mounted and placed in a quality grey frame.
frame size: 10" x 8" print: 8" x 6"


11oz Large Handle Ceramic Mugs and Vases, Cork Backed Square Coasters, Slate Coasters

'Beautiful artwork with lovely accompanying story': P Simmonds

'Absolutely gorgeous piece of art': N Harrington

'I was blown away by how beautiful this picture is': T Mar

'Story behind these illustrations is lovely, beautiful memories': M Newman

All profits made will be given to the Edith Cavell Nurses Trust charity in memory of our Michael.

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