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Our Michael's Story


'Every picture tells a story'
A Life full of wonder and hope.

Say hello to our son Michael, a beautiful boy who had a heart of gold and a smile for everyone. He lived a life of wonder and hope until he reached 18 when he became sick with an extremely rare immune disorder and spent the next four years fighting for his life in hospital. Unfortunately we lost him just before Christmas 2019. It broke all our hearts and we all miss him terribly, he loved life so much. ​

I wanted to tell the world all about his life and the adventures he had growing up with his brother Steven so I decided to draw and paint the little stories I could remember. All of my illustrations are hand painted in watercolour and acrylic and each one tells a little story from his life on the downs and beaches of Sussex. All profits made from the paintings will be given to charity for the nurses that took care of him.

This is the story of Michael, our amazing son, who never gave up on life.

Michael Glare's Dad

Artwork and Illustrations

by Michael's Dad

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'Every picture tells a story'

All my artwork and matching gifts are available to buy online, each crafted from my original watercolour paintings. 

Framed and Unframed Prints / Books / Mugs and Coasters / Greeting Cards / Metal Gift Tins

If you would like to purchase artwork or gifts then please click on the Gallery below.

All profits from the sales of my artwork will be given to the Edith Cavell Nurses Trust that supports UK nurses facing hardship in recognition of the help given to Michael who never gave up in his long hard four years in hospital.

If you want to just donate to the charity then please click on Michael's 'Justgiving' page link as shown below:

A special free gift with every donation


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Buying the Books

'I am Michael Glare and this is my Life'

A unique story book all about childhood.

This beautifully illustrated full colour book is dedicated to his memory with stories of him growing up with his brother Steven. He made friends with a Hedgehog, had lunch with some robots and saved a very small spider. A little angel you must be thinking, but unfortunately he wasn't always like that when he was growing up, but he did try, well some of the time, just not very hard sometimes. This book has all the little stories that I remember and I think they will make you smile and maybe a few tears here and there. From the day he was born to the day he died. With over 400 individual illustrations hand drawn by me, his dad, in pencil, watercolour and acrylic from original photos, ideas and sketches. Each chapter tells a little adventure from his life from a close encounter with a billy goat to being chased by a scarecrow over the Sussex Downs, all lovingly told with text and pictures. Just click on BOOK STORE to purchase the Book.


'Magnificent drawings and a touching story of s splendid son' Beryl Chandler

'Beautiful Illustrations and a beautiful sentiment' Meghan Berry

'Lovely Watercolour paintings, thank you' Sue Hibbits

'This Book has pride of place on my bookshelf, it truly is a beautiful book' Claire Wheeler

'Touching stories and well illustrated. A beautiful book well worth buying' M Harding

One Hundred and Seventy Five full colour pages, 400 illustrations (softcover)

'The Little Adventures of a boy called Michael'

A smaller version of Michael's book beautifully illustrated in full colour with stories and illustrations from the early years taken from 'I am Michael Glare and this is my Life,' lovingly told with text and pictures.

Fifty Six pages with over 176 full colour individual illustrations.
southdowns cover.jpg

Tales from the South Downs

A collection of small stories with illustrations of Michael's adventures up on the Sussex South Downs with his brother Stevie. Includes a lonely snowman, greedy rabbits and a friendly Hedgehog printed in full colour on quality heavy weight paper.

Forty pages with twenty one full colour individual illustrations.

'Michael's World'

Thirty Six pages of full colour illustrations, printed on heavy weight paper.

A selected collection of illustrations and artwork drawn by a dad in memory of his son. All beautifully reproduced in full colour from the illustrated book 'I am Michael Glare and this is my life.'

All profits will be donated to the Cavell Nurses Trust, as a special thank you for all their help.

To see some page samples from the Books then please click on the button below:

The real Michael Glare


Dedicated to our son Michael who never stopped smiling and never gave up.

If you would just like to donate to Michael's charity (Edith Cavell Nurses Trust) then please click on the charity menu at the top of this page. Thank you

Chapter recordings from Michael's Book by Michael's Dad



If you have any questions then please contact David Glare (Michael's Dad):

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